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Furniture Donation to Local Schools

23rd March 2021


We were delighted to be able to donate furniture and stationery to local schools last week. Due to moving staff from one location to another, we realised that we had a room full of desks, chairs, and bookcases and no where to store them! A call went out to some of our local schools to see if they could use the furniture and within the week, we had cleared the building!

James Saunders, Head Teacher of Honywood School, Coggeshall, sent in the following message:

“At a time when school resources are ever stretched, we rarely find the capacity to improve things behind the scenes.  This donation has been gratefully received by staff and will certainly allow us to improve our offices, classrooms and workspaces.  We would like to thank Anglian Community Enterprise for this donation of equipment which will be used across the school to update desk space and storage. Thank you so much for thinking of us.”

The schools who benefitted from the furniture and the stationery were:

Gilberd School

Colchester High School

John Bunyan Primary School

Tables and Cupboards

Empty room

Desks and pedestals

Frank Sims, CEO of ACE commented “It is so rewarding when we are able to help other organisations within our community. We have also arranged for our surplus uniforms to be recycled and used as insulation. Its great to know that everything from that building will be put to good use for the future”

Empty Room

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