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Welcome to Community Hospitals

We provide care and rehabilitation beds in two community hospitals, Clacton Hospital and Fryatt Hospital in Harwich. Community beds are for those people who do not require the acute care provided in a General Hospital and whose care can be managed by the team of advanced nurse practitioners, nursing and therapy staff, with medical input from a GP.

We are committed to protecting patients’ privacy and dignity and we ensure patients are not placed in mixed sex accommodation.

Our aim is to enable people to return home, with appropriate support if required.

Fryatt Hospital:

Trinity Ward is a 21-bedded inpatient facility providing care and rehabilitation to people with a range of needs after illness or surgery. Trinity Ward also has beds dedicated to those requiring palliative and end of life care.

Clacton Hospital:

Kate Grant is a 22-bedded inpatient facility providing care and rehabilitation to meet the individual needs of people recovering from stroke, surgery and related mobility conditions. 

St Osyth Priory Ward is a 15-bedded ward providing short term care and rehabilitation to those requiring admission for medical issues. St Osyth Priory Ward also has beds dedicated to those requiring palliative and end of life care.

Jubilee Day Unit is a facility which provides day treatment for patients requiring infusions. The facility is open from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and treats people with a wide range of medical needs including blood transfusions and chemotherapy.

Where are the community hospitals located?

Jubilee Day Unit, Kate Grant Ward and St Osyth Priory Ward are all located at:

Clacton Hospital
Ivy Benson House
Tower Road
CO15 1LH             Click here to view map


Trinity Ward is located at:

Fryatt Hospital
419 Main Road
CO12 4EX             Click here to view map


How to access the services

Jubilee Day Unit patients are referred to the unit via a GP or a consultant via ESNEFT (East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust).

Kate Grant Ward, St Osyth Priory Ward and Trinity Ward patients are transferred from the acute hospitals in our area or via their GP if they do not require an acute hospital admission.

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