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Welcome to Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to help people who are recovering from a heart attack, or who have undergone a heart procedure such as stenting/angioplasty/other cardiac surgery

Cardiac rehabilitation is also beneficial for people with angina and heart failure

  • Community Clinic: Clinical assessment following cardiac event or surgery, on behalf of the cardiology consultants. You will be offered a choice of exercise programmes.
  • Supervised exercise: Graduated and individually prescribed exercise programmes which run for up to 8 weeks. Home based exercise programmes are also available
  • Education and information: Personalised information and education on a range of healthy lifestyle topics to improve your heart health and support you to get back to normal life.  
  • Support to access other services including: smoking cessation; weight management as well as stress and anxiety support and other longer term exercise programs.
  • Home Based Programmes: Tailored home programmes are available if required with individual follow up to monitor progress



Where is the service provided?

Cardiac rehabilitation clinics are available Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) 0900 – 1700 at a variety of venues:


Exercise programmes are held in the following venues:


How to access the service

Referrals are usually made by the doctor or nurse on discharge from hospital.

Your GP can also refer you and we also accept self-referrals.

The team consists of clinical nurse specialists, associate practitioners/exercise specialists

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