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More about the Heart Failure service

This clinic provides support for patients and relatives after a heart failure diagnosis. This nurse-led service is key for optimising medication as per current NICE guidelines for heart failure. We promote self-management of symptoms and education on what to do should symptoms arise.

Services offered:

  • A clinic or home visit assessment and review with a heart failure nurse specialist for patients with all types of heart failure confirmed by echocardiogram
  • Optimising evidenced based therapy and starting therapy that requires specialist supervision as per the most up to date guidelines
  • Work with the cardiologist and primary care to provide comprehensive care planning and management
  • Management of heart failure that is becoming more unstable
  • Support to monitor symptoms and guidance with diuretic titration to improve self-management strategies
  • Health promotion supporting lifestyle modifications
  • Specialist support to other teams involved in patient’s care
  • Onward referral for heart failure rehab exercise classes as appropriate
  • Palliative care support in conjunction with other services


Where is the Service provided?

Services are provided from a variety of clinic venues:

Primary Care Centre
Turner Road
CO4 3GW          Click here for map

Jubilee Unit, Clacton and District Hospital
Tower Road
CO4 5LJ           Click here for map

Fryatt Hospital
419 Main Road
CO12 4EX         Click here for map

Patients with heart failure that are house bound can also be seen at home.

The service runs Monday to Friday (not Bank holidays) 9am - 5pm.

How to access the Service

Referrals are accepted from local hospital clinical staff on discharge from hospital and from cardiology clinics, tertiary centres, practice nurses and GPs via the Community Gateway, as well as from our other services and teams within the community cardiology service. 

Known heart failure patients can also self-refer back to the service at any time for help with management of symptoms.

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