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Welcome to Home Oxygen Assessment and Support Service

We provide assessment and on-going monitoring for people aged 16 and over in north east Essex who have oxygen and who are not in a hospital.

We can:

  • Assess for Ambulatory oxygen
  • Assess for Long Term Oxygen
  • Review your Oxygen prescription
  • Advise you on the best type of equipment to meet your needs
  • Offer general advice on all aspects of Oxygen Therapy at home


Please be aware we are NOT an urgent service. All URGENT requests for Oxygen should be ordered by your GP or Hospital Doctor directly from BOC.

We will be informed of your prescription and will arrange follow up visits to monitor and adjust the prescription when required.

Please note:  This service should not be confused with BOC (British Oxygen Company) who deliver the oxygen and service the oxygen equipment. 

Where is the Service provided?

We offer clinics at:

Portland Medical Centre
Ypres Road
Colchester     CO2 7UW      Click here for map

We will also arrange home visits where clinically needed or if the person is housebound.

How to access the Service

You will need to be referred to us by a GP, practice nurse or other health professional.

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