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Welcome to Respiratory Physiotherapy

We will help you to improve the quality of your life by teaching you techniques to better self-manage your condition.

We provide assessment, education and advice along with goal setting with individualised treatment programmes using a range of techniques and activities.

We will also provide referral to our other services including pulmonary rehabilitation, COPD, home oxygen and community rehabilitation as well as others provided by other organisations such as stop smoking services and St Helena Hospice.

Where is the Service provided?

Clinics are provided at:

Portland Medical Centre
Ypres Road
Colchester     CO2 7UW      Click here for map

Harwich and District Hospital
Main Road
Harwich   CO12 4EX       Click here for map

We offer home based services for housebound service users or for those who attending clinic could be deemed detrimental to their health.

How to access the Service

Referral by your GP, nurse or other health professional.

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