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Services for Adults


This service is for service users who are concerned about hearing loss

Community Hospitals

This service provides care and rehabilitation beds in two community hospitals

Community Nursing

This service provides nursing care for housebound patients

Community Rehab

This is a service offering a physiotherapy and occupational therapy assessment which takes into account all elements of your condition, intervention, advice and signposting to support you in managing your own condition


This service helps to improve health and treat disease and conditions through nutrition and diet therapy for patients over the age of 16 years

Homecare and Support Service

This service can help provide extra support in the home due to either illness or an accident and help prevent admission into hospital

Integrated Community Cardiology Service

This service provides access to cardiology care in the community for people over the age of 18

Leg Ulcer Clinic

This service is for mobile patients who have not healed within six weeks of the care and treatment being delivered at their registered GP surgery


This is a service for Lymphoedema treatment, management and support for adults diagnosed with the condition

Musculoskeletal Service

This is an evidence-based treatment and advice service for patients with muscle and joint pain


This provides a service for minor eye conditions


This service provides an assessment and provision for supports and braces

Pain Management

This service supports patients to understand and come to terms with their chronic pain. It also gives patients resources and strategies for living with pain

Physiotherapy Outpatients

A clinic based physiotherapy outpatient service


This service provides an assessment and treatment of conditions related to the foot

Respiratory Service

This service provides a variety of services to support people with respiratory conditions

Speech and Language Therapy

This service provides therapy for speech, language, communication, voice and swallowing problems

Spinal Assessment Service

This service provides a specialised assessment for people with persistent neck and back pain

Strength and Balance Service

This service provides an individually tailored strength and balance retraining programme for people who are at risk of falls

Stroke Rehab

This is a Rehabilitation service from a team of therapists with a varied skills-set for people recovering from a stroke

Tissue Viability

A specialist wound advisory service for extensive and complex non-healing wounds

Ultra Sound Scanning Service

This service provides ultra sound scanning

DEXA (Duel Energy and X-Ray Absorptiometry Scanning)

This service provides the ability to measure your bone mineral density for risk of developing osteoporosis

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